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Our Mission

The mission of WAICV is to secure funding to the Wheeler Avenue non-profits.

WABC Pastor Marcus D. Coby and supporter R.R.V. Terryle Anderson of Lilly Grace Baptist Church.

Our Vision

WAICV is committed to finding sufficient resources that help us build a strong and vibrant community. We believe in working as a team to create the kind of community that we want to live in. Together, we help people living in the Third Ward of Houston and try to develop strong economies in the inner city communities, for this generation and future generations.

WAICV Executive Director Pallin presents thank you to Alberta and Charles Reacher, Tournament Co-Chairs.

Our Friends

Two groups that have been essential in supporting funding activities have been the Wheeler Avenue Women’s Guild and the Wheeler Avenue ICV Golf Tournament Committee. Our goal is to expand the work of these two groups to the larger community, thereby creating a campaign model that allows each non-profit to identify a specific group of community partners that can assist funding our entities. We need your help, if you would like to support our efforts, please click the following link:

2014 Golf Participants
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